Biscuits Fossier

In 1756, during the reign of Louis XV, Maison Fossier started making the “Biscuit Rose de Reims” (Pink biscuit). The tradition of baking goes back to 1430 in the city of Reims, with the foundation of the Guild of Baking. Around 1690, Champagne bakers created a recipe for enjoying the warm bread oven after baking bread creating this sweet delicacy, the "bis-cuit "of Reims. The biscuits were served at the coronation of Louis XVI in Reims and since then became a favorite among the royals of the time, including King Charles X, Leopold II of Belgium, the Russian czar, and the Marquise de Polignac. Today the company continues the tradition of excellence and innovation offering a variety of shortbread biscuits, puff pastry biscuits, macaroons, meringues, cakes and other regional specialities combining today’s tastes with recipes from the past.